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Traffic ticket? We fight all traffic tickets, in Edmonton and Central and Northern Alberta.

We Are Not Lawyers We Are Former Police Officers That Fight Traffic Tickets For You

Traffic tickets
Traffic ticket? We can help you fight it. Any traffic ticket or speeding ticket in Edmonton and rural Alberta. Please contact our agents to find out how we can help you with any traffic offence. Don’t just pay your traffic ticket online. Fight your traffic tickets and save points, save money and insurance increases. Read More >

Commercial Traffic Charges
– Overweight charges- Logbook charges- Equipment charges- Federal and Provincial traffic charges

Traffic law representation
Affordable traffic ticket representation. Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable, we will be your strong voice in court. In most case your attendance is not required. We will make your court appearance, send and review the evidence against you and even run a trial, all for a low price. Call now to fight your traffic ticket! Read More >

Licence suspensions
A suspension of your driving licence and privileges not only prohibits you from operating a motor vehicle but it can considerably increase your insurance rates. We can help you manage your licence and your driving future. Read More >