demerits, demerit points and suspension of driver's licence, Alberta, Edmonton, Fort McMurrayExcessive demerit points can result in the suspension of your driver’s licence upon accumulation of 15 demerits (and only 8 points if you are the holder of a Graduated Licence) for a period of at least 30 days.

Some of the more common offences and the demerit points they incur are listed below:

  • hit and run – 7
  • careless driving – 6
  • fail to stop for school bus – 6
  • racing – 6
  • fail to stop for police – 5
  • failure to yield for pedestrian – 4
  • red light – 3
  • stop sign – 3
  • passing violations – 3
  • unsafe left turn – 3
  • stunting – 3
  • signaling offence – 2
  • “U” turns – 2
  • backing up unsafe – 2
  • speeding from 2-6 points (dependant upon the speed)
Licence Management

On many occasions it is just as important, if not more so, as to when a conviction or demerit points appear on your abstract, than if they appear. When demerits or convictions appear on your abstract can have a tremendous effect on both your insurance rates and your drivers licence.

Our team of experts will help manage both your licence and your demerit points so that each and every ticket will have a minimal effect on future insurance rates as well as your driving future.

Contact one of our agents in Edmonton, Fort McMurray or rural Alberta┬áto find out how we can help manage your driver’s licence and your driving future.