Insurance Rates

car insurance,insurance rates after a speeding ticket,car accident,photo ticket,edmonton,fort mcmurray,rural alberta, albertaInsurance rates can be increased based on a number of factors. Most of us are aware that if you are involved in an “at fault” collision we can most likely expect that at renewal time there will be an increase in our premiums.

Most people are unaware that if a suspension (caused either by excessive demerits or as a result of a court imposed suspension for a high speed violation or a hit and run offence) appears on their abstract that they are looking at a substantial increase in insurance rates based on the suspension alone.

If you are convicted of a major offence in Edmonton, Fort McMurray or anywhere in rural Alberta, expect to see your insurance rates increase by at least 100%. Some examples of major offences are hit and run, careless driving, racing and speeding tickets where a speed of in excess of 50 K.P.H. over the speed limit is alleged.

Certain types of offences such as passing in a school or playground zone or speeding in a school or playground zone can add a surcharge to your yearly insurance premiums of 15-20% depending on your insurance company.

Any conviction could increase your insurance rates depending on a number of factors so beware of just paying any ticket without being aware of the affect that it could have on your insurance rates.

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