Licence suspensions

licence suspension,demerit points,edmonton and rural alberta,albertaA suspension of your driving privileges not only prohibits you from operating a motor vehicle but it can considerably increase your insurance rates.

Your licence can be suspended to an accumulation of excessive demerits ( 15 for a regular operator’s licence or 8 for a person with a graduated drivers permit. Utilizing our service can minimize the demerits that appear on your abstract.

Your licence can also be suspended by the courts for a variety of the more serious offences. If a police officer issues you with Part 2 of the violation ticket ( pink copy) your licence can be suspended for a period of up to 90 days and the fine can go as high as $2300.00(in exceptional circumstances up to $25,000.00). A period of incarceration is also possible. Let our team of ex-police officers speak in court on your behalf.

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